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FAQs - Vendor


Q: How do I apply for a contract?
Q: Who do I contact at the USPO regarding contracts?
Q: What if I don’t have a location included in the catchment area described in the RFP?
Q: Will I be notified if my proposal is not complete or correctly filled out?
Q: How will I be notified if my proposal is awarded?
Q: Are there separate RFPs for mental health, substance abuse, and sex offender treatment services?
Q: When are the RFPs due?
Q: What is the time line for the RFPs?
Q: How long does a contract last?
Q: Will the MAT RFP require MAT to include counseling services?
Q: How do you define co-occurring disorders?
Q: What is the Mobile Assessment catchment area?
Q: Where will the Mobile Assessments take place?
Q: Do you need to be licensed for mobile assessments?
Q: Do you help with getting access to the jail for providers who are doing mobile assessments?
Q: What is the USPO’s fiscal year?
Q: Is Vivitrol covered under the MAT RFP?
Q: Can a vendor provide services under the contract and then later transfer the client to an insurance pay?
Q: How does a vendor bill if they subcontract for a polygraph?
Q: Can we call if we have any questions?
Q: Can vendors use the Service Provider Communication System (SPCS) to communicate with the officers?
Q: If I did not attend the Pre-Solicitation Conference, can I still respond to an RFP?
Q: When will the RFPs for fiscal year 2018 be posted?
Q: If the services we provide are split up among the RFPs, do we have to complete multiple proposals, or can we consolidate them?
Q: Assessments are necessary to provide substance abuse and mental health counseling AND co-occurring treatment. Do we have to complete a RFP for assessments, as we are applying for co-occurring treatment?
Q: We are not, at this time, interested in completing assessments outside of our clinic (at jail or probation office). Is this assumed that we would, if we apply for assessments?
Q: We have two locations. Both provide co-occurring services. Do we need to submit two applications?
Q: Can a treatment services provider subcontract out the medical portion of this RFP? Ie. We are applying to provide the outpatient services and will subcontract with a medical provider to provide the actual Vivitrol injection.
Q: Is the fee/price listed only for the injection and medical visit? How is mandatory accompanying IOP/OP treatment to be billed?
Q: Should the costs of the reports and consultation be rolled into the 5012 or 6012 costs?
Q: If the sexual offender RFP is for Allegheny County and I have an office in Washington, can I apply? Does there have to be an office in Pittsburgh?
Q: Even though we serve Allegheny County residents, we are not in Allegheny county so we would not complete the Allegheny County RFP, right?
Q: Naltrexone, which is under 7020, may be taken orally daily or as a 1x/month injectable. The difference in cost is dramatic. Can the offeror include an injectable price under "Visit" and a different price for the oral form under "Take Home"?
Q: Since 4010 (physical exams) and 4020 (lab tests) are not listed on page B-2 for price proposal, should we add those with the costs associated or is there another place that should be listed?
Q: I received a letter that my contract was extended. Am I correct to assume that I do not need to complete the application this year?