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Ship of Zion

3204 Iowa St
Pittsburgh, PA 15219
United States

Phone: 412-325-1332 


Available Programs: Transport and Vehicle Assistance

Information: Ship of Zion subsidiary provide free scheduled van transportation that helps people get to work, job training, child care, and life�s other necessities. Every day but Sunday, a van navigates 21 loops around Pittsburgh's Hill District and the South Side Flats. A van takes trips from Squirrel Hill to the South Side, all in an effort to transport impoverished passen-gers across a city proponents say is underserved by Port Authority of Allegheny County. WorkLink and the Ship of Zion service help riders get to jobs, job training, and work-related support services such as childcare and healthcare. WorkLink serves people in East Pittsburgh, Braddock, North Braddock, Swissvale, Rankin, and Clairton. Through the Ship of Zion service, we also provide transportation to and from Hazelwood, the Hill District, and the South Side. WorkLink was created to assist isolated communities; our goal is to help people get and keep good jobs by reducing geographic limitations.